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3GSolar Photovoltaics, Ltd. is the global leader in high performance, durable DSC for wireless electronics.


As dynamic companies introduce products that are more innovative, and highlight the benefits of the Internet of Things, there is a problem that frustrates manufacturers and their customers: This rapidly growing range of consumer and industrial electronics might not operate indefinitely on one set of batteries.  As a result, users must constantly charge these low-power devices, if practical, or replace their batteries.


At 3GSolar, we are helping manufacturers make this weakness a thing of the past. Harnessing energy from the indoor or outdoor environment using miniature PV cells creates new possibilities for truly wireless electronic devices.  In short, integrating 3GSolar cells into wireless devices eliminates the need for changing or charging batteries, achieving maintenance-free operation for the lifetime of the wireless device (more than ten years).  Functionality can be added since more energy is available to the device. The DSC has reliable power output in a whole range of lighting conditions, including indoor fluorescent or LED lighting. Silicon solar cells perform poorly under these conditions.


The DSC can be applied in many electronics markets including wireless sensor networks (smart buildings, smart cities and smart homes), medical and sports devices, security sensors and cameras, agriculture monitors, beacons and electronic signs, computer peripherals, and wearable electronics (bracelets, watches, armbands, etc.).   

Key Benefits:

  • Superior performance under indoor and low-light compared to Silicon PV

  • Printed PV cell with scalable, low cost process

  • Cell size from 2 cm2 to >200 cm2 designed to the size of the customer’s wireless product

  • Range of colors and transparencies to match a product’s look and function

  • Meets electronics reliability specifications – lasts lifetime of wireless electronics products

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