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Ningbo Huakun New Material Science and Technology Co., Ltd., a licensee and JV of 3GSolar, is introducing 3GSolar DSC technology into the Chinese market.  Huakun manufactures, integrates, markets and scales customer-oriented energy solutions.  Huakun is one of the companies of the HuaXiang group.


Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) Bedek Aviation provides comprehensive maintenance services for aircraft, engines and components, including conversion of end-of-service commercial aircraft to cargo planes.  Bedek handles 160 aircraft annually including Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed, Airbus and others.  IAI Bedek works closely with 3GSolar to create maintenance-free cargo tracking and other technology solutions for IAI aerospace customers by use of the 3GSolar PV energy system.

Arkema Inc is a chemicals and materials manufacturing company that operates 34 facilities in 19 states with a U.S. headquarters, and Research and Development Center in King of Prussia, PA.  Its global parent company, Arkema S.A., is headquartered in Colombes, France.  Arkema supplies products and develops materials for many key markets, with a particular aim to address six emerging global trends: lightweight materials and design, water management, new energies, home efficiency and insulation, bio-based products, and electronics solutions.


Arkema Inc develops key materials for thin and flexible printed photovoltaics as a strategic partner for 3GSolar.  The companies cooperated in the framework of the Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Energy funding program.  BIRD Energy is a joint grant program of the U.S. Department of Energy and Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources.

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