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Ningbo HuaXiang Science and Technology Company Ltd.

Ningbo HuaXiang Science and Technology Company is a research unit of the Ningbo Huaxiang Group. The HuaXiang Group is ranked among the largest 500 private companies in China. The group has 10,000 employees and operates in the automobile, auto parts, precision tooling and real estate industries.

Solar Partnership

3GSolar is supported by the Solar Partnership fund advised by London-based Smedvig Capital, part of the Smedvig Group. Smedvig Capital is a private equity firm that is instrumental in the growth of over 30 businesses since its founding in 1996. For more information, see

Israel Electric Corporation (IEC)

The Israel Electric Corporation is the largest electrical supplier in Israel and is strongly committed to supporting the most promising energy related start-ups in Israel. The IEC brings a wealth of expertise in all types of power generation, has impressive R&D facilities and is a ready-made potential customer offering significant industry recognition of 3GSolar’s achievements. For more information, see

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