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Jerusalem's Har Hotzvim-based 3GSolar Photovoltaics, Ltd. is the global leader in high performance, durable DSC for wireless electronics. Integrating 3GSolar cells into wireless devices eliminates the need for changing or charging batteries, achieving maintenance-free operation for the lifetime of the wireless device.

​Senior Process Engineer & Project Manager


  • Innovative process engineering (hands-on planning, performing and analyzing experiments).

  • Responsible for product and process development projects.

  • Maintain and upgrade process equipment for the projects.

  • Identify, purchase and qualify materials for the projects

  • Process documentation.

  • Effective written and oral reports.

  • Job location is Jerusalem.  Travel to China required.


  • Materials Engineering degree, or similar field.

  • Deep industrial experience in process and product development.

  • Fluent English and Hebrew (speaking and writing).

  • Able to work long hours.

  • Job requires spending significant time in a lab.

  • Prefer: Jerusalem resident (Note: We will pay some travel expenses, but car not included).

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