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As part of our company’s DNA, 3GSolar surpasses competitors in its culture of R&D and product design.  In total, our team has invented over 70 patents, 20 of them for the innovative 3GSolar printed dye-based PV cells and modules.  Cooperation with other groups worldwide is a centerpiece of our effort to achieve leading technology, product, and manufacturing solutions. 3GSolar team members have carried out the most innovative R&D and scaling to high-speed mass production.

Management Team


Barry N. Breen, CEO

Barry is a business leader and manufacturing process expert. Prior to joining 3GSolar, he was employed by the AVX Corporation (NYSE:AVX) where he helped transform a small development facility in Israel into a 600-employee R&D and manufacturing company. Prior to AVX, Barry was an engineer at General Electric. He was awarded the coveted Kaplan Prize for industry innovation and the Kyocera Corporation President’s Award for outstanding achievement in product and business development. Barry holds a Nuclear Engineering degree from MIT.

Dr. Jonathan Goldstein, Founder, President & Chief Scientist

Jonathan is an electrochemist with specialization in batteries, fuel cells, solar energy, energy conversion, hydrogen storage, electroplating and materials. Jonathan served as a senior scientist at LUZ Industries, a pioneer in the solar energy industry, and served as Chief Scientist of the LUZ affiliated company, Electric Fuel. From 1977-1989, Jonathan served as the senior battery scientist at Tadiran, Israel’s flagship electronics company. Jonathan has 51 patents and 30 scientific publications to his credit and holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from City University, London.


Nir Stein, CBDO and Director Product R&D

Nir manages the 3GSolar plastic and glass Dye Solar Cell (DSC) product development from initial R&D to prototypes and commercialization for wireless devices and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) market.  Nir earned his M.Sc. degree in Chemistry, Materials Science and Photovoltaics from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel and B.Sc. degrees in Physics and in Materials Engineering from Ben-Gurion University, Israel.

Zhou MinFeng, Chairman

Mr. Zhou is Chairman of the Board of 3GSolar Photovoltaics.  He is President of the Huaxiang Group, which includes 48 subsidiaries with over 10,000 employees in China and overseas.  Mr. Zhou earned a Mechanical Engineering degree at Hangzhou Electronic Industry College and his EMBA at China Europe International Business School.

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