DSC – Dye Solar Cells  are printed photovoltaics that work with a photosynthesis-like process that uses a sandwich of electrolyte, titanium oxide and dye. Read more

3GSolar possesses key relationships throughout the commercial and academic community. This helped us solving key technical issues for commercializing DSC technology on both glass and plastic substrates. We are now able to produce cells with the highest performance and durability on the market.

  • 3GSolar has 15 patents and applications protecting its industry leading innovations used in DSC design and scale-up.
  • Our strong in-house team has produced a working 225 cm2 DSC, the largest single cell DSC in the world, with 7.2% efficiency and smaller cells which efficiencies above 10%.
  • The Company has achieved successful accelerated tests at 85⁰C for thousands of hours, showing that 3GSolar DSC can deliver stable long term outdoor reliability of 25 years.

These unique abilities together with the general advantages of the DSC technology, like extremely low production costs and a wide range of potential applications, makes 3GSolar the best prepared company for the upcoming solar based future.