3GSolar is a global leader in development of Dye Solar Cells (“DSC”), which is a third generation thin-film solar cell. The modules can be produced in any color and transparency by our unique printing process.

The proven team of business, production and technology experts is experienced with moving an innovative lab technology into efficiently manufactured products for global markets. Since the start-up company was established in 2004, it has achieved some significant technological breakthroughs and it plans to achieve even more in the future.

3GSolar currently operates at the forefront of the global DSC market, attracting top class technical talents and continuous technical media interest. The company has been able to create flexible, transparent DSC with the ability to perform in poor light conditions and off-set angle settings. Mainly a 3GSolar cell stands out with its unique durability, making it suitable for any outdoor and indoor application.


3GSolar is offering to the market solar modules that can be of any color and installed anywhere, even behind trees and structures that shade the module. 3GSolar replaces visually unattractive silicon modules with the architects’ dream of color, shape, form and transparency that enhance a building’s appearance rather than detracting from it.

3GSolar DSC modules are far more effective in occluded and low angle light than competing technologies, generating more kilowatt-hours for each kilowatt of modules.

In addition, 3GSolar is offering to the market of low-power electronics, miniature DSC modules that function with high efficiency even under room fluorescent light, so these consumer devices will never need battery replacement. 3GSolar DSC can produce up to ten times the power output of silicon cells under room lighting and at low cost. The modules are sized, colored and fitted to the shape of the electronic device for an aesthetic design.  These miniature modules are durable and will perform for ten years and more, lasting the lifetime of any product in which it is integrated.

Consequently, small consumer electronic products will be used with no time limit, indoor and outdoor, without bothering about the necessity to recharge or replace a battery.


3GSolar as a leader in DSC technology can count on several key relationships and abilities that make it unique:

    • 3GSolar is leading in DSC durability; its modules have a lifetime equivalent to silicon PV, which is much longer than anything proposed by other developers of third generation solar cells.
    • Our know-how enabled us to produce the largest DSC cell in the world with 225 cm²
    • 3GSolar prides itself as the provider of a more effective solution for occluded and low angle light than other competing technologies.

The architectural advantages, combined with ability to work in challenging light and temperature conditions and low capital manufacturing costs, makes 3GSolar DSC the technology of choice for the BIPV and Consumer electronics.IMG_3077