Energy Harvesting for Consumer Electronics

For the market of low-power electronics, 3GSolar offers miniature DSC modules that function with high efficiency even under room fluorescent light, so these consumer devices will never need battery replacement. 3GSolar DSC can produce up to ten times the power output of silicon cells under room lighting and at low cost. The modules are sized, colored and fitted to the shape of the electronic device for an aesthetic design.  These miniature modules are durable and will perform for ten years and more, lasting the lifetime of any product in which it is integrated.

Consequently, small consumer electronic products will be used with no time limit, indoor and outdoor, without bothering about the necessity to recharge or replace a battery.

Once its development is complete, the 3GSOLAR technology can be applied in many mass market electronics including the following:

consumer electronics

  • Computer peripherals such as wireless mice and keyboards.


  • Surveillance cameras: Small surveillance cameras for outdoor/indoor, even in low light conditions, can incorporate 3GSolar technology and eliminate the need to replace batteries.


  • Electronic bracelets, watches, armbands: Smart Watches can perform as tiny monitors of incoming phone calls and messages, communicating wirelessly with a phone while still in the pocket, without being drained of energy.


  • The Toy market:  Outdoor and indoor toys have numerous applications for 3GSolar’s technology because of the present inconvenience and cost to frequently replace batteries.


  • Outdoor activity:  3GSolar cells can be incorporated in bags, luggage, backpacks, hats and so on for extending use time of mobile phones, cameras and other electronics during outdoor activity such as touring, trekking and cycling.


  • The medical devices industry has invested significant R&D in the concept of miniature and portable medical devices based on battery operation and Bluetooth for transmitting medical information and patient surveillance.  There is a growing demand to measure fitness and health data such as heartbeat and glucose level.  Examples are diabetes care and bracelets with texting PIN in case of emergencies.  For these and many other applications, 3GSolar technology eliminates the need for battery replacements.

Energy Harvesting for Consumer Electronics

For consumer and industrial low power electronics, 3GSolar will develop small flexible and glass printed solar cells to power devices and eliminate the need to ever replace batteries.
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Building Integrated PV

3GSolar is developing printed solar modules that can be of any color and installed anywhere, even behind trees and structures that shade the module. 3GSolar will replace visually unattractive silicon modules with the architects’ dream of color, shape, form and transparency that enhance a building’s appearance rather than detracting from it. Read more

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