The European Union has enacted regulations that require “Member States shall ensure that by 31 December 2020 all new buildings are nearly zero-energy buildings; and after 31 December 2018, new buildings occupied and owned by public authorities are nearly zero-energy buildings”

A nearly zero-energy building is defined as “a building that has a very high energy performance. The nearly zero or very low amount of energy required should be covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources, including energy from renewable sources produced on-site or nearby”.

3GSolar has effectively designed DSC cells that you can integrate into the core fabric of a building or home. This uniquely innovative technology can be applied to glass, walls or roofs.


BIPV is the solution for future energy efficient buildings and homes. With the rise of BIPV, there needs to be viable solutions to meet the requirements to power a home or building using renewable energy resources. 3GSolar’s DSC technology has come up with the reliable solution. 3GSolar’s DSC technology can be integrated into glass, walls or roofing. 3GSolar’s BIPV materials will offset energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and add an aesthetic appeal to the architectural design of the building or home.

Energy Harvesting for Consumer Electronics

For consumer and industrial low power electronics, 3GSolar will develop small flexible and glass printed solar cells to power devices and eliminate the need to ever replace batteries.
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Building Integrated PV

3GSolar is developing printed solar modules that can be of any color and installed anywhere, even behind trees and structures that shade the module. 3GSolar will replace visually unattractive silicon modules with the architects’ dream of color, shape, form and transparency that enhance a building’s appearance rather than detracting from it. Read more

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