December 15, 2011 – 3GSolar announced today that its printed dye solar cells, the world’s largest, have been operating on the company’s rooftop continuously for two years and they continue to perform to the same standard as on the day they were placed outdoors. Organic solar cells of other producers are known to degrade upon outdoor exposure so it is a profound achievement for the whole field of third generation solar panels.

3GSolar is located in Israel at 800 meters elevation with bright blue skies all summer, with very high levels of light and UV, and rain in the winter.  Typical summer sunshine is actually 20% stronger than the lab conditions used to test solar cells.  The printed solar cells were placed in full exposure to these conditions, both individual cells and cells connected serially to form solar modules, without any encapsulation or other means of protection from the environment.  The solar cell stability is superb.  Outdoor testing is now continuing into the third year.

Dr. Jonathan Goldstein, founder and President, reports “modules using our large area 225 cm2 cells work in all kinds of lighting conditions where silicon modules are performing poorly, even in shade.  They promise to become the low-cost leader in a new generation of photovoltaic modules converting solar energy to electrical power.”

3GSolar manufactures its dye solar cells as a sandwich of common and mostly organic clean materials that create electric current from sunlight through a photosynthesis-like process. 3GSolar developed a disruptive printed solar cell manufacturing process that has low capital costs and short lead time for factory construction.

3GSolar CEO Barry Breen remarked, “There is almost no limit to how low we can drive down the cost of producing electrical power from solar energy. As other companies struggle and are losing money at module prices of $1 per watt, we now have a technology and manufacturing roadmap to reach $0.35 per watt production cost.  Our rooftop results show we will achieve this with module lifetime that meets and exceeds market expectations.”

About 3GSolar

3GSolar is the world’s leading developer of third-generation Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) technology.  DSSC, also known as the Grätzel cell, was originally invented by Professor Michael Grätzel and Brian O’Regan at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. DSSC is a photosynthesis-like process that uses a sandwich of dye, electrolyte and the white pigment titanium dioxide to create electric current.  During the course of the day, DSSC can generate up to 40% more power than silicon photovoltaic technology in variable lighting conditions.  3GSolar is a privately-held company with its headquarters and R&D division in Jerusalem, Israel.  3GSolar is backed by an investment fund advised by UK based Smedvig Capital and by the Israel Electric Company.

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