3GSolar Showcases DSC Process at Bloomfield Science Museum’s Innovation Exhibition

3GSolar is hosting a booth at the Innovation Exhibition during July and August 2011 at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem. Joined by a distinguished group of Israeli hi-tech, clean-tech and bio-tech companies, 3GSolar presents a simplified version of the DSC manufacturing process. 3GSolar’s DSC cells are a 3rd generation technology of solar PV cells for solar power generation. The company’s DSC technology stems from a photosynthesis-like process that uses a sandwich of dye coated titanium oxide and a counter electrode to create an electrical current on illumination. “Showcasing the process at the exhibition will enable us to not only promote our solar technology, but more importantly, increase the public’s awareness of eco-friendly, energy-saving alternatives,” says Dr. Jonathan Goldstein, Founder, President & Founder at 3GSolar. 3GSolar is working to improve cell efficiency by incorporating into its large area solar cells a new technology developed by Prof Arieh Zaban of Bar-Ilan University, and Dr. Dan Oron of the Weizmann institute of Science. The Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem is a cultural and educational institution that presents exhibitions consisting of interactive exhibits on subjects of science and technology. The Innovation Exhibition is aimed at increasing interest in the general public, and to present science and technology as an integral part of human culture. For information and exhibition hours, visit

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